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Custom Semi Dress by White's Boots    id: 2332

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Price: $389.95



See our new White's website: www.buildaboot.com Custom* YOUR White's Boots! 


For a completely-rebuildable, practical, and attractive boot that will last for years, try the Custom Semi Dress by White’s Boots. This lightweight boot is perfect for people who spend a lot of time on their feet, but who also need a boot that can transition from an office setting to evening and everything in between. This durable boot comes with White’s signature toughness, but is suitable for more formal or professional settings than the average work boot.


White’s Boots’ retail store and factory is located in Spokane, WA and is a Northwest landmark. Their signature Patented Arch Ease™ technology provides maximum comfort by cradling the foot in a naturally relaxed position. When extend your legs and cross them at the ankles, you’ll notice that your foot points down slightly. An elevated heel within the boot reduces stress and pressure on the arch of the wearer’s foot.


The hand-sewn construction increases flexibility and durability, while providing ankle support. A single, flexible, oak leather sole provides the comfort and quality you’d expect from White’s Boots, and the 5” upper height looks great with slacks, trousers, or jeans. A double sole, or outer rubber sole are customizable features that are also available. A leather toe cap can be added and is available in a variety of full-grain high-quality leathers, in addition to uppers and toe vamps. Exotic leather is also available.* The reinforced toe box adds support and hardware, heel height, and soles can be customized. Check out our Build-A-Boot feature, to try out customizable options.


*Please note that Baker’s and White’s boots cannot accept 3-tone boot orders. We also cannot accept multi-tone configurations in exotic leathers like SHark, Ostrich, or Caiman. If you would like an exotic leather, the entire boot must be constructed using the same leather and the same color. This applies to exotic leathers only. Thank you*



Length: Available in a Men’s 5-15. Half-sizes are available.

Width: Available in widths A-FF


Image description: Custom Semi Dress by White’s Boots in all-distressed, rough-out leather, natural edge, single midsole, Vibram 700 sole, antique hardware, and cut top.